Saturday, June 25, 2011

Mini Lego star wars Snowspeeder

Hello! This video will show building steps on how to make your own mini Lego Star Wars Snowspeeder!

Lego prank

A Legoland staff made a joke to there boss and replaced his car by a Lego one! Go and see the full article and video on yahoo

Friday, June 24, 2011

How to make a Lego coffee maker

This video will explain how to make a simple coffee maker!

Lego harry potter hagrid's hut

This is a set review of the Lego set Lego harry potter hagrid's hut. It's one of my favourite sets.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

New Lego pirates of the caribbean

I think that it's a really cool Lego theme. They made a video game which is cool. The sets look pretty fun.The characters are well detailed. The sets have lots of colour and you can sens the action in them. The huge pirate ship from the "Queen Anne's revenge" set is really cool.

Let's be honest

Hello brick friends! I'm going to be honest. Lego make really cool themes. But some, especially the new alien conquest, hero factory and hero recon team are kind of just Lego themes for the sake of having Lego themes. Let me explain. Alien conquest is kind of a copy of space police, hero recon team is a copy of hero factory, and hero factory is kind of a copy of bionicle. But Lego in all is a very cool building toy and I Love it!

Lego Universe free-to-play version coming out soon!

Hi! What I think about this. I am really happy that they made this free version that is coming out in August because it is expensive. You have to buy the CD of the game, and than pay for a subscription. This free-to-play version won't have as many things as if you bought the CD and everything, but I am still really happy that there is a free version and it will still have most of the fun stuff.

Check out the full article

New Lego master builder academy theme

Hello! I find that this new Lego theme is really good because it let's Lego fans learn more about Lego building and tricks... the professional way! It's a cool idea that you get Lego sets with tips and tricks book every two months when you buy one set.
Finally it's a good idea of Lego to do this kind of theme.

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Welcome to my new lego blog!

I made this Lego blog so that anyone can see reviews of Lego sets, cool videos, and plenty of other fun stuff. Have fun!