Sunday, October 5, 2014

The Lego Clone Army Project

Hellego! If you follow the Lego community on YouTube, you have probably already heard of or watched Solid Brix Studios, previously known as legoboy12345678. Every year, he releases a clone army video where he shows off his massive army of Lego clone minifigures from the Star Wars theme. Last year, his clone army reached 5000 clones. David Hall, the owner of Solid Brix Studios has started this project and I think you deserve to know about it. It's called the Clone Army Project.

The whole basis of the Clone Army Project is that David wants to build the second largest clone army in the world, composed of over 15000 clones. Not only is it going to be composed of 15000 clones, but it is going to be displayed at the Lego convention, Brickfair Alabama. But he is not going to do it on his own. His fans and anybody who wants to can help him reach his goal. He has created a funding campaing on Indiegogo for you to help fund the project. But this isn't just about funding. If you choose for example to pay 5$, you basically buy one clone for the clone army. That clone will be in the army, go to Brickfair Alabama and when the convention is over, that exact same clone will be delivered to your house! Which ever amount of clones you buy from the Indiegogo page will be part of the actual clone army and you will be able to keep them afterwards! I think that is a pretty cool project. Every amount you pay also comes with for example a poster or a card.

Here is a basic view of all the available perks:

If you want, you can simply give 2$ and get a digital poster. Simply 2$ will go a long way into helping David reach his goal. If you pay 20$, you will get 5 clone troopers, which means that the 5th one is free. You can check out all the available perks and learn more about this project at the Indiegogo page:

Here is the official video David made on his Solid Brix Studios channel to announce the project:

I think this is an awesome project that deserves to be known. This is something that has never really been done before and I think it's very original. If you don't have a lot of money, you can donate 2$ if you want. Any amount makes a huge difference. What do you think of this project? Leave your thoughts in the comment section!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

The Bricktober Event Is Back!

Hellego! Once again, the Bricktober event is back at Toys R Us and is filled with full of exciting Halloween surprises! This year's Bricktober has a total of two Make N Take events and one minifigure trade-in day.

To start off, October 18th will be the Lego Star Wars Minifigure Trade-In Day! For this event, all you have to do is bring any minifigure, it does not have to be a star wars minifigure, look for a store clerk that has minifigures with him and ask to trade with any Lego Star Wars figure he has! The event lasts all day long and there is a limit of only one minifigure trade per person.

Next, on October 25th, it's the Lego Batman Bat-Signal Make N Take event! The event starts at 11am and ends around 1pm. In this event, you go and build your very own Lego Bat-Signal and take it home for free! Here is a weird change that Lego has added to all Make N Take events this year. In the Lego magazine and on the Toys R Us site, they specify that you need to be between 4 and 14 years old to build the model. I find it very disappointing that they put that age limit.

The last event is another Make N Take event and is on November 1st. It's the Lego Star Wars Rebels Make N Take. The model that you will be able to build will be the Ghost Ship. I suspect that it will be a micro-sized version, but it's still pretty cool. Again, the event starts at 11am and ends at 1pm. Just like the Bat-Signal, you get to take the model home for free. They seem to specify also for this event that you need to be between ages 4 and 14.

Another fun Bricktober event is if you spend over 30$, you get a free Lego pumpkin! Also, if you spend 75$ or more, you get a free Streetview Build. The Streetview Build is like a micro modular set. Each week is a different building and you can collect all four to make a nice street. From October 3rd to 9th it's the Theater, October 10th to 16 is the Pizzeria, October 17 to 23rd it's the Fire Station and October 24th to 30th is the Town Hall.

I find that the activities sound really good this year. I am just very disappointed that they put an age limit to be able to participate. I think it's ridiculous that they did that. I don't know, but maybe I will still go and try to sneak my way into building one ;) ... What do you think about this year's Bricktober event? Are you excited? Leave your thoughts in the comments!