Sunday, January 19, 2014

Lego Back To The Future set #21103 review

Hellego everybody! I have a very special set to show you today. It's a set that in the past, I have dreamed to be made in Lego for many years. Now here it is: the Lego Back To The Future set!

I have made a very detailed video review of this set. But first, there are a few things I would like to point out about this set before you watch the review. You get two very special minifigures in this set: Marty McFly and Doc Emmet Brown. Marty comes with a skateboard which he uses a lot in the movies. They are very well detailed minifigures.

Lego has printed bricks exclusive for this set! They made the flux capacitor, the date generator and more! Interesting fact: the date on the date generator is the date when the first Lego brick was patented!

The set is also minifigure scale!

A cool feature that Lego has added to this set is the possibility to make each Time Machine from the three movies! Here is the Time Machine from the first movie:

It even has the special license plate!

Here is the second movie Time Machine. The license plate has changed, the wheels fold in and it has the Mr. Fusion Home Energy Reactor!

Last but not least, the third movie Time Machine. We change the wheels and add the front motor.

Now here is the full review. Watch it and you will see for yourself why it's such an amazing set!

Finally, like I said in the review, here is the video of me comparing the Lego Back To The Future Time Machine model to a more movie accurate metal model.

I hope you enjoyed my review of this awesome set! Don't forget to share this post and follow my blog! What do you think of this set? Leave a comment!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Lego Marvel Super Heroes Polybag - Iron Man vs. Fighting Drone review

Hellego! The other day, I was not expecting to find this polybag at the mall. It's an awesome polybag and it's an easy and not expensive way to get Iron Man. Check out the review of this great polybag!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

CD's Lego Blog 2013 Year In Review

Hellego! This is probably not the first time you see one of these, but I think it is important to do it. Here is a small year in review of CD's Lego Blog!

This year, was pretty successful. I gained a good amount of attention on YouTube. I got a total of about 101,200 views which is 88% more than last year! We also gained about 157 subscribers on YouTube!

Flickr was also pretty successful with pictures hitting over 100 views!

Google+ was again successful with a total of +72! Thank you very much!

The blog this year it was more successful than ever. This year, I had a total of 10,667 views! That is so much! This is also the first year were CD's Lego Blog gets over 1000 views per month! The average views per month used to be about 700. In August 2013, for the first time, I got over 1000 views with exactly 1140 views! From then on, every month now, I get over 1000 views. It's a huge step up and I would like to thank you all for that.
It is not possible for me to know exactly how many people follow my blog because there are so many different ways people use. Some subscribe by email, others with feed reader softwares, some with Google friend connect, others simply follow my Google+ page where I post something every time there is something new on the blog and some will simply add my site to their favourites/bookmarks in their browser and manually check to see if there is something new and that is fine to. Some also just put a link on their desktop. So it is really hard for me to know exactly how many people follow my blog. I do know that people do follow because every time I release a new post, in the first half hour I get about 20 views on that post which means you guys stay alert, receive notifications, etc which is great!

So thank you very much everybody for supporting me during the year and here is to another year! My goal this year will be to try and get you guys to comment more because I would like to hear more from my fan base, know what you think and get your feedback. So here is an opportunity for you to comment! What is your main goal for 2014? Leave a comment and share your thoughts! Happy New Year everybody!

Lego Minecraft Micro How To Build - Slime

Hellego! It has been a while since I have made one of these videos and some of you have been asking for it. So here is a new Lego Minecraft Micro Scale How to Build video! This time, I will be showing you how to build a slime that is up to scale with your Lego Minecraft Micro World!