Saturday, September 24, 2011

Old but recent Lego themes

Hello! Let's talk about Lego themes that are not that old but do not exist any more. First off, mars mission. I found it was a really cool theme. I don't get why Lego stopped making that theme. I really liked the whole idea of astronauts going to mars for the first time and being invaded by aliens. The sad thing is I find, is that it only lasted two years. 2007-2008. Also, this is kind of were the idea of energy crystals started. The theme power miners came after mars mission and they also used the idea of power crystals.

There was also the theme agents. It was a really cool theme involving agents. It one of the first Lego themes to have agents. This theme also only lasted 2 years. 2008-2009. I found that in this theme, just by looking at the sets, you could feel the action in this theme. the bad guys, they looked very evil. The agents look heroic. They all had there characteristics.

Lego Indiana Jones. This theme is still on the Lego website but by my knowledge, they don't sell sets anymore. Which is sad because it is one of my favourite themes. This theme started in early 2008 and pretty much ended in end 2010 early 2011. One of the things that I loved about this theme is that every set has a special feature. For example, the set Indiana Jones and the lost tomb. You could make the snakes come down, make the two statues come down and crash open the walls and cool things like that.

I could go on forever talking about themes like this. There are allot of cool themes that Lego abandoned. But also, Lego keeps releasing other cool themes. Time brings change and we just have to accept it!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Mini Lego star wars Stardestroyer

Have you ever wanted to make a Lego Stardestroyer? Well now you can - the mini way! Check it out in this video!