Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Future Is Now! - A Lego Back To The Future Stop Motion

Hellego! Today is October 21st, 2015! This is the day Marty McFly and Doctor Emmet Brown go into the future! This special day can only happen once! I made a stop motion tribute celebrating this day. Enjoy!

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Getting the New Lego Minifigure Monster Series!

Hellego! This Friday I went to the mall with my friend and we got the new Lego Collectible Minifigures from the monster series!

Right after we got them I decided to film a video opening it. We really wanted to see which one we had gotten. I was tired after my long week and excited about getting the new minifigure because at first, it seemed like my Toys R Us didn't have them, so I'm sorry if some of the things I say in the video don't make sense ;).

Let me explain more clearly the story I tell in the video. We were at Toys R Us and we had looked all over the Lego section. We could not find at all the new monster series. We were pretty frustrated thinking that our store would not have them after almost a month after being released. While walking out of the store, we spot a couple of boxes at the end of the cash register, so naturally we get pretty excited. So we go up and start looking at all the figures on the box and start feeling all the bags to try and get the best minifigures. By the way, I think this series is very good so I didn't really mind which one I got. So we keep serching at the end of the cash registers where everybody can see us. The store is about to close as it's about 8:55pm and the people working there are watching a couple of teenagers getting over excited on finding little plastic figures and who are now going through every single bag to guess what minifigure is inside. I must say we felt like a couple of weirdos! But finally we stopped after an addicting search and finally paid for them. I was pretty happy we were done putting on a show for the employees!

So there is the story clearly explained. You can check out the video we filmed in the car after all this happened. Enjoy!