Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Monday, July 22, 2013

New Theme Page for The Lego Movie!

Hellego! This won't be a long post. It was simply to announce to you guys that Lego has already made a theme page on their website for The Lego Movie!

(click the pictures to enlarge them)

Here is the main theme page

As you can see on the web page there is the trailer for the movie, a count down to when the movie will come out and a nice background picture.

What do you guys think? I am surprised to see a web page already for the movie. On the countdown there is still exactly 200 days left before it comes out!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Lego Movie is going big!

Hellego! It all started with The Adventures Of Clutch Powers, the first full-length animated Lego movie ever to be made on DVD. Then, came Ninjago TV shows and Lego Star Wars 30 to 40 minute movies that would air on television and then be put on to DVD. Now, the first Lego movie ever to be put on the big screen: The Lego Movie!

We have all heard of this very exciting movie that will come out February 2014. Lego has just recently announced many awesome additions to the movie, and I will present them right now!

First off, Lego will be making a brand new theme just for the movie and will have a total of 17 building sets inspired from the movie! From vehicles to buildings, they will make all the iconic moments of the movie with bricks! The first Lego set will be revealed at Comic-Con San Diego at the Lego booth July 20. Also, the Lego Minifigures theme will have a new series of 16 collectible minifigures from the movie!

As if all this was not exciting enough, TT Games will be making a brand new Lego video game based off the movie! It will contain 15 levels with over 90 playable characters!

Finally, Lego will be making plenty of accessories like bags, cloths, clocks and watches, pens, books, lunch boxes, water bottles and much more!

I am amazed by all the incredible work Lego is putting towards this movie. I think they are doing the right move because this movie is sure to attract lot's of new Lego builders.

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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Where I'm At In My Lego World

Hellego! Honestly, these days I find I have not been doing as many posts as I would like to. There are many reasons why and I will also tell you guys what has been going on in my Lego world.

So let's start with why I haven't been posting as much. First off, I spent a lot of time building my chicken restaurant MOC and it was pretty big and long do to. Next, where I live right now, most of the time it is very hot and humid and sadly, in our house we do not have air conditioning. My bedroom where I do all my blogging, videos and where all my Lego is, is at the 2nd floor of our house and heat rises. So it can go up to 28 degrees C (82F) in my room. So it's almost to hot to run my computer and it becomes tiring staying for a long time in there. So I wait until it cools down like right now it's 25C (77F), which does not seem like a big difference but trust me, it is. Also, last week and the week before, my whole family was on vacation so we did lot's of activities. So that is why it was hard for me to do posts.

Now what has been going on in my Lego world. Recently, I was spending almost all my Lego time on my Chicken restaurant MOC. Now that is done, it gives a lot more free time to do other Lego related things. Yesterday, I went to the mall and did myself a mini Lego haul which I am very happy about!

Can you guess which sets these are?
This means I will have fun sets to build and it also means that reviews will be finally coming your way! I blanked off some parts of the picture to keep the reviews a surprise. Can you guess which sets these are?

I am always like usually on the lookout for interesting Lego related news to write about and I also have some stop motions planned.

So as you can see I am still very active with my Lego but there are just some factors right now that are making it hard to to posts. I am never going to stop doing Lego!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Lego Chicken Restaurant MOC

Hellego! I am proud to present my latest MOC - The Chicken Restaurant!

I got the idea when I got my Chicken Suit Guy minifigure. I thought that the opening of the mask could be where the doors of the restaurant would be. On the outside, I put a lot of scenery on each side of the entrance to the parking lot. I put some grass, flowers and trees and even added a road at the front.

I also added some vehicles to the MOC. I used some already built and I also built some on my own. One build I am very proud of is the yellow pickup truck I made. I really like the design and simplicity of the pickup.

Here is a close-up view of the front of the restaurant

As you can see, I did my best to replicate the beak, the eyes and the comb (the red part at the top of the head). One part that was harder to do was make the comb centered with the beak. Finally, I used some jumper plates to center it. Also, to keep the beak solid, I used some plates. So to keep the model well proportioned, I added plates all around the building too. The roof was hard to do because it had to be white and so I used plates to stick the bricks together and then placed them on the top. This made the roof fragile so it was hard to then add the comb. In the end it gave a good result.

On one side of the restaurant I put a dumpster and on the other a small parking lot. There are also some tables to eat outside.

I left an opening in the back so you can see all the action that is going on inside. There is a counter where you order and also behind it there is the grill to cook the chicken. There is a table for eating and there is another counter where you can get your drinks and get you ketchup and mayonnaise if needed.

Now what is the menu you may ask? You can get a chicken breast, a chicken combo which is chicken, mashed potatoes and salad, a chicken sandwich, a double poulet which is a chicken sandwich with a chicken breast and you can always combine any of these orders with a drink.

Chicken Breast

Chicken Combo

Chicken Sandwich

Double Poulet

Chicken Sandwich With Drink

I hope you guys like my Chicken Restaurant MOC. All these pictures will be on my Flickr account which I suggest you follow. Please share this post and follow my blog! Here is a video doing a last over view of the model.