Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Lego Movie is going big!

Hellego! It all started with The Adventures Of Clutch Powers, the first full-length animated Lego movie ever to be made on DVD. Then, came Ninjago TV shows and Lego Star Wars 30 to 40 minute movies that would air on television and then be put on to DVD. Now, the first Lego movie ever to be put on the big screen: The Lego Movie!

We have all heard of this very exciting movie that will come out February 2014. Lego has just recently announced many awesome additions to the movie, and I will present them right now!

First off, Lego will be making a brand new theme just for the movie and will have a total of 17 building sets inspired from the movie! From vehicles to buildings, they will make all the iconic moments of the movie with bricks! The first Lego set will be revealed at Comic-Con San Diego at the Lego booth July 20. Also, the Lego Minifigures theme will have a new series of 16 collectible minifigures from the movie!

As if all this was not exciting enough, TT Games will be making a brand new Lego video game based off the movie! It will contain 15 levels with over 90 playable characters!

Finally, Lego will be making plenty of accessories like bags, cloths, clocks and watches, pens, books, lunch boxes, water bottles and much more!

I am amazed by all the incredible work Lego is putting towards this movie. I think they are doing the right move because this movie is sure to attract lot's of new Lego builders.

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