Stop Motions

This page is an easy and quick way to watch all my stop motions!

Lego intro for my YouTube channel

The Lego brick: Do anything, Build Anything - Lego stop motion spoof of the Old Spice commercial

Lego Ninjago stop motion - Space Robot vs. Zane ZX

Even Ghosts Like Candy! - A Lego Stop Motion

Lego Winter Skiing - A Lego Stop Motion

Captain Surprise! - A Lego Stop Motion

The Pirate's Shark Adventure - A short Lego Stop Motion

100 Subscribers on YouTube!

CD's Lego Blog Two Years Anniversary

Pick A Chick Restaurant Commercial

The Revenge of the Werewolf

A Surprising Knight Fight

The Friendly Villager - A Lego Minecraft Stop Motion

The Future Is Now! - A Lego Back To The Future Stop Motion


  1. cute -NinjaPenguin

    1. Thanks! Havn't heard of you in a while! ;)

  2. I really love your stop motions could you do some more please?


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