Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! Today is THE day! I am so excited! In about an hour, I will go trick or treating! I hope you get lot's of candy! But first, here are some safety Lego tips:

1. Make sure to avoid these monsters because they are very dangerous

2. Avoid houses that look like this because often, that is were the monsters live!

3. And finally, just make sure to have fun, have an awesome costume and get lot's of candy!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Lego Haunted House MOC

Helego! With Halloween almost here, I really wanted to build something spooky. So I made a Haunted house!

At first, I wasn't so sure how I would do it because as you know, haunted houses are usually dark and scary and as you know Lego bricks are very colourful. So I had to use dark colours like black and grey. The problem is, I don't have a lot of those colours. I have more of the blue, red, yellow and white. But then I thought, it doesn't matter if I don't have all square and rectangular pieces because haunted houses are always old and broken! So I used this advantage by just taking the black bricks I had and placing them a way so that they would work. So there are holes and cracks in the walls and roof. It makes the house look very old. Perfect! Here are some pictures of the different sides but there isn't a back so that you can see the inside.

As you can see this is the front. You can see arches which look like they were supposed to go on the whole top of the door but they look really old and destroyed. I like that.

This is the first side. It is the side on the right if you are looking at the front of the house. You can see a big crack on the side and some broken shutters.

On this side you can tell that it is a bit broken and there is vegetation growing on it since it is so old.

Here is a better view of the house and you can see the broken roof much better.

So now for the outside detail. You can see on the right the vampire I built at the make and take event that is used as a statue. You can see two other monsters; a ghost (from the ghost and grandfather clock polybag) and a small weird monster. Beside the door there is a torch and a bit further there is a live pumpkin!

Now for the inside! All the monsters you see live in the haunted house! Inside there is The Pumpkin Head Archer and Groll the Evil Troll! Also, there is the grandfather clock, another live pumpkin, a torch and a huge mouse!

Here is the back view of the house.

Here, there is the side with Groll the Evil Troll, the grandfather clock, the other live pumpkin and the huge mouse.

On this side there is The Pumpkin Head Archer with the torch.

Here is the full view of the inside with better lighting.

Finally, here is a view from another angle.

So to finish off, I just want to say I love my haunted house and I am very proud of it! Here is a video showing it:

Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Fall season, Halloween and Lego is awesome!

Helego! This weekend I took some really nice pictures that have a combination of fall, Halloween and Lego! So here they are!

The Fall leaves

Two pumpkins

Lego ghost and vampire in front of a pumpkin!

Lego ghost and vampire on top of a pumpkin in the leaves!

Pumpkin in the leaves

Another closer look of the vampire and ghost on the pumpkin

Did you like these pictures? I think they are very nice and I thought you might like them! It's fun putting Lego in the world around you. I find it sort of gives it more character. It also helps you get inspired to make more Lego creations! Also, with the leaves and everything it just makes it look very nice. These pictures really put me in the mood for Halloween and building!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Lego Make and Take event October 27 2012

Helego! Today was the Make and Take event at Toys R Us! It was part of the Bricktober month. What you did is that you built a model and you could bring it home with you! Check it out!

Scary October monster #2

Helego! Today I am going to show you guys the second monster I made! This one is one of my personal favourites and I made him! His name is The Pumpkin Head Archer!

As you can see, he is very cool! He has a pumpkin head, an archer suit that looks like robin hood's and he has a missing hand.

His story is that he was once a peaceful archer that lived to serve and protect his kingdom. He was a man that only did good. On one fine Halloween night, when he was in a pumpkin patch, all the pumpkins started to form carved glowing faces. It was very weird. All of a sudden, they jumped out of the ground and grew arms and legs with their roots. They started attacking him. There were thousands of them. Finally they were to much and our archer was defeated. He got caught by the living pumpkins. They cut his head off and replaced it by an evil pumpkin head. The reason he has a missing hand is that at some point, he was attacking a brave knight but the knight only managed to cut the evil pumpkin's hand off. Now, he became crazy and wants revenge, so he hunts people at night. The end!

So did you like this story? I hope I didn't scare you to much! Halloween is in 4 days so watch out, maby he will try to catch you! ;)

New concept for CD's Lego Blog videos

Saturday, October 20, 2012

October scary monster #1

Helego! This is the first monster for the month of October scary monster series! Today, I reveal to you... Groll the evil troll!

This is not one I made, he is from the castle theme. Unlike most trolls who live under a bridge, he hides under the roots of trees. When he hears you coming, he jumps out and attacks you! If he catches you and you can't escape, you will be part of his dinner! As you can see, he has big teeth, green skin, red eyes and stinks alot. He always has a chain with him to help him catch you! There is only one way to escape him and it's by succesfully completing his challenge. It is different every time he catches someone. But be careful, Groll is tricky and not honest!

So that is our scary monster #1! He is certainly one you do not want to meet alone in a spooky forest!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

October is scary!

Helego! As we all know, October is the scariest month of the year! It also puts us, Lego fans, in the mood for the Lego Monster Fighters theme! As you know, I did a review of the rare ghost and grandfather clock polybag and so I have created my own collection of monsters! The fact that Halloween is coming up really made me want to make monsters!

I will be introducing every one of them all along the month of October! Some are custom and some are from a Lego set (like the ghost). I hope you guys will like theses minifigures as much as I do!

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