Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Lego Haunted House MOC

Helego! With Halloween almost here, I really wanted to build something spooky. So I made a Haunted house!

At first, I wasn't so sure how I would do it because as you know, haunted houses are usually dark and scary and as you know Lego bricks are very colourful. So I had to use dark colours like black and grey. The problem is, I don't have a lot of those colours. I have more of the blue, red, yellow and white. But then I thought, it doesn't matter if I don't have all square and rectangular pieces because haunted houses are always old and broken! So I used this advantage by just taking the black bricks I had and placing them a way so that they would work. So there are holes and cracks in the walls and roof. It makes the house look very old. Perfect! Here are some pictures of the different sides but there isn't a back so that you can see the inside.

As you can see this is the front. You can see arches which look like they were supposed to go on the whole top of the door but they look really old and destroyed. I like that.

This is the first side. It is the side on the right if you are looking at the front of the house. You can see a big crack on the side and some broken shutters.

On this side you can tell that it is a bit broken and there is vegetation growing on it since it is so old.

Here is a better view of the house and you can see the broken roof much better.

So now for the outside detail. You can see on the right the vampire I built at the make and take event that is used as a statue. You can see two other monsters; a ghost (from the ghost and grandfather clock polybag) and a small weird monster. Beside the door there is a torch and a bit further there is a live pumpkin!

Now for the inside! All the monsters you see live in the haunted house! Inside there is The Pumpkin Head Archer and Groll the Evil Troll! Also, there is the grandfather clock, another live pumpkin, a torch and a huge mouse!

Here is the back view of the house.

Here, there is the side with Groll the Evil Troll, the grandfather clock, the other live pumpkin and the huge mouse.

On this side there is The Pumpkin Head Archer with the torch.

Here is the full view of the inside with better lighting.

Finally, here is a view from another angle.

So to finish off, I just want to say I love my haunted house and I am very proud of it! Here is a video showing it:

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