Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Fall season, Halloween and Lego is awesome!

Helego! This weekend I took some really nice pictures that have a combination of fall, Halloween and Lego! So here they are!

The Fall leaves

Two pumpkins

Lego ghost and vampire in front of a pumpkin!

Lego ghost and vampire on top of a pumpkin in the leaves!

Pumpkin in the leaves

Another closer look of the vampire and ghost on the pumpkin

Did you like these pictures? I think they are very nice and I thought you might like them! It's fun putting Lego in the world around you. I find it sort of gives it more character. It also helps you get inspired to make more Lego creations! Also, with the leaves and everything it just makes it look very nice. These pictures really put me in the mood for Halloween and building!

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