Saturday, October 27, 2012

Scary October monster #2

Helego! Today I am going to show you guys the second monster I made! This one is one of my personal favourites and I made him! His name is The Pumpkin Head Archer!

As you can see, he is very cool! He has a pumpkin head, an archer suit that looks like robin hood's and he has a missing hand.

His story is that he was once a peaceful archer that lived to serve and protect his kingdom. He was a man that only did good. On one fine Halloween night, when he was in a pumpkin patch, all the pumpkins started to form carved glowing faces. It was very weird. All of a sudden, they jumped out of the ground and grew arms and legs with their roots. They started attacking him. There were thousands of them. Finally they were to much and our archer was defeated. He got caught by the living pumpkins. They cut his head off and replaced it by an evil pumpkin head. The reason he has a missing hand is that at some point, he was attacking a brave knight but the knight only managed to cut the evil pumpkin's hand off. Now, he became crazy and wants revenge, so he hunts people at night. The end!

So did you like this story? I hope I didn't scare you to much! Halloween is in 4 days so watch out, maby he will try to catch you! ;)

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