Saturday, October 20, 2012

October scary monster #1

Helego! This is the first monster for the month of October scary monster series! Today, I reveal to you... Groll the evil troll!

This is not one I made, he is from the castle theme. Unlike most trolls who live under a bridge, he hides under the roots of trees. When he hears you coming, he jumps out and attacks you! If he catches you and you can't escape, you will be part of his dinner! As you can see, he has big teeth, green skin, red eyes and stinks alot. He always has a chain with him to help him catch you! There is only one way to escape him and it's by succesfully completing his challenge. It is different every time he catches someone. But be careful, Groll is tricky and not honest!

So that is our scary monster #1! He is certainly one you do not want to meet alone in a spooky forest!

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