Saturday, April 27, 2013

Lego Brick Separator Review And Tutorial

Hellego! Here is a video review of the brick separator and I also show you different ways to use it! The brick separator is a must have for any Lego builder. Enjoy the video!

New video outro!

Hellego! I edited a bit my outro for my videos. I hope you like it!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Lego keeps going green!

Hellego! We discovered over a month ago that Lego, to help the environment had reduced their box size. Now, they are building a new factory near the current factory in Nyiregyháza, Hungary with still the same focus of helping the environment.

The new factory will be designed and constructed with a high focus on integrating sustainability. The new one will replace the one already in Nyiregyháza, Hungary. It will be fully operational by 2015 and will be 120,000m2. That is about three times bigger than the current one in Hungary. The new factory will focus on employee safety, energy efficient production equipment and technologies and investments to increase recycling of waste and water. Lego says that it is their global ambition to make this factory one of the safest workplaces in 2015.

Here are some facts on the new factory that will be built
  • The Factory area will be more than 122,000m2, about three times the size of the current factory
  • There are going to be 768 molding machines and more will be added
  • The Factory design is comparable to the level of a Gold Leed standard
  • About 7000 tones of CO2 will be saved every year with this factory
  • About 60,000m3 of water will be saved annually
Go check out Lego's article with a picture of what the factory will look like! Click here!

The LEGO Group is now one of the most reputable company in the world!

Hellego! This is great news! After passing the annual reputation survey of the 100 largest and most known brands in 15 countries of 2012, Lego has finished 10th out of the most reputable companies in the world!

We can be very proud of our favourite company! They are really building a global reputation. In 2011, Lego ended up being in 3rd place! They have gone down a bit but it is still amazing that they are still in the top 10! Here is the full list of the top 10 for 2012:

1: BMW
2:The Walt Disney Company
3: Rolex
4: Google
5: Daimler
6: Sony
7: Microsoft
8: Canon
9: Nestlé
10: The LEGO Group

To read John Goodwin, Chief Executive Vice President and CFO of the LEGO Group's comments, go see the full article on the Lego website. I am very happy to here this news and we all know from the great work they do, great customer service and everything they do to make us Lego fans happy that they deserve it. Great job Lego!