Saturday, April 19, 2014

New Lego Make N Take event at Toys R Us - Star Wars

Hellego! Once again, Toys R Us is going to have a new Make N Take event! These types of events started with the annual Bricktober event, but the Make N Take event was so popular, now Lego has them much more often! This time, it will be Star Wars themed. You will be able to build a mini X-Wing or/and TIE Fighter.

It is not yet clear if you will be able to build both or choose. From past events, I think you will have to choose, but Lego wrote and I quote: "Come build a LEGO Star Wars Mini TIE Fighter and LEGO Star Wars Mini X-Wing" So does this mean you will be able to build a TIE Fighter and an X-Wing? Or you will you have the choice between a TIE Fighter and an X-Wing? No matter how it turns out to be, it will still be really cool.

The date and time of the event is May 3rd, 2014. It is at all Toys R Us locations and starts at 12pm and ends at 2pm.

I am really excited for this event. Are you going to be going? Leave a comment!

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