Wednesday, March 7, 2012

But I loved Lego Indiana Jones!!!!!! :(

Lego has officially stopped making Lego Indiana Jones. How do I know? They have removed the theme completely from the site. It makes me so sad! I was one of my favourite themes! The games on the website were so fun, the sets were full of special features and were really fun to play with!

Some of my Lego Indy collection

When the Lego Indiana Jones theme was first announced in the Lego magazine. Doesn't this make you want to play with some?


  1. Arent they stiil gonna sell them? Or go on Ebay and find a set or something. i'm not a fan of Indiana jones. -NinjaPenguin

    1. No. They have stopped selling them. But yes on ebay people are probably selling some.


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