Saturday, June 9, 2012

New Lego Sopwith Camel set

Helego! Man, if there is something that I am excited about these days, it's about the new Lego set of the plane Sopwith Camel. The set is just epic! It is so well designed. It is the set that I want to buy the most. Just one problem. Here, in Canada, it's 130$ :/. Yeah, it's allot. That's why I'm probably not getting it :(. It's just so nicely designed and the build looks kind of complex and long and that's what I like. Just using it as a "decoration" like on my desk would be beautiful. I could spend hours just looking at it. The colors are great, basically, it's really awesome! The propeller can spin and the wheels roll. One awesome feature is that there are strings connected in and out of the plane and so you can control the wings with a leaver that is inside it! How cool is that?

So, what do you think about it?

To see what I'm talking about, click here

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