Sunday, September 23, 2012

Lego Star Wars Fun Zone app

Helego! As you know, Friday I did a post talking about the super heroes app. Well, today I am going to look at the app Lego Star Wars fun zone. I have missed alot of apps that Lego has been releasing so I'm on a roll right now on posts about apps.

So this app is for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Basically it's the fun zone of the Lego Star Wars website but without the games. It has cool creations and all the entertainment like comics, short movies and TV commercials. The only disadvantage with this app is that you need Internet connection to use it. You can also log in with your Lego ID and post your creations directly threw the app. You can see the number of likes you have and all that. You can also view your favourite creations and comments that other people left on other peoples creations. One thing that's cool is that you can download the videos and comics so that you can view them off line. You can view all the comics and videos that are on the Lego Star Wars website. Also, it is updated since you need Internet connection. Here are some pictures of the app:

Menu Screen

Comics Section

Movie Section

TV Commercial Section

Cool Creations Section

I hope you liked this overview of the Lego Star Wars fun zone app and I will be doing more of theses posts next weekend. Have a great week!

Here is the link to download it:

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