Saturday, December 1, 2012

New Galaxy Squad theme!

Helego! These days we are starting to see the new 2013 Lego theme Galaxy Squad. It's kind of weird because this is being released very early by Lego. I just watched the brickshow's two first reviews of sets from the theme and it absolutely looks amazing!

I can't wait to get my hands on one of these sets. My favourite one so far is the Space Swarmer. I think it looks amazing. One thing I love is what you get for the price! It's only about a 12$ set and you get two great minifigures, a good number of weapons and the spaceship is awesome! I really like the concept of this theme to. The fact that the enemies are alien bugs makes a completely new type of minifigures and I think Lego made a great job on them. Next time I'm out to buy a Lego for myself ( which will probably be in a while because Christmas is coming up ), I'm probably going to get the Space Swarmer. I just like it so much. Also the colours of the pieces are not very common! You get lot's of purple, pink and light green bricks. That is very cool!

I just really can not wait to get my hands on this set or even any one from this theme. I certainly like this theme much more than Alien Conquest.

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