Thursday, June 20, 2013

HUGE Lego model of the Sydney Opera House revealed

Hellego! Recently, Lego has revealed a giant model of the Sydney Opera House!

This new set will be part of the Creator theme. The set will contain a total of 2,989 bricks and will be 28cm high, 63,5cm wide and 38cm deep, so it is going to be a very big model. With this set, to keep the harbour look of the Opera House, Lego has made a new big blue base plate. It will also contain of course a big amount of tan bricks which is a colour of brick that is harder to find. This amazing set will be released on September 1st, 2013. They have depicted very well every aspect and detail of the Opera House. Lego says that the builder's skills will really be put to the test when they build the roof lines and the complex angled walls by using hard building techniques.

Lego has not said any price yet but it should be revealed in the next months. To see a picture of the model and a video from the lead designer of this set, click this link:

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