Sunday, March 23, 2014

Stop Motion Kickstarter project by Fancy Pants

Hellego! If you are a fan of Lego stop motion videos, listen up! If you watch a good amount of Lego stop motion videos, especially on YouTube, you have probably heard of Fancy Pants. If the name doesn't ring a bell, maby the video Lego - The Force Unleashed might remind you. That video got over 7,000,000 views!

Jordan, the creator of Fancy Pants, is planning a whole series, revolving around two popular characters from his videos, Bridge and Gus. They are both very funny clones with a lot going on around them. Jordan wants to start a new web series around them. The problem is, he needs funding to help with this project. Here is where you come in. I know Jordan will make an amazing series out of this and I would love to see it happen. All you have to do to help in the funding is donate 1$. You can even donate 5$ if you want. Every little bit counts.

Please help get the word out about this project. If Jordan does not reach his goal of 40,000$, the project will not happen. If you want more details about this project and why this kind of money is necessary, you can go on his Kickstarter page to learn more:

Again, you can donate only 5$ if you want to, every little bit counts. I am not part of this project in any way. This is just my way of giving a little extra help in getting the word out. I would really love to see this project happen. If you like Lego stop motions, you will definitely love this series. Please, help with this project.

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