Sunday, May 4, 2014

Lego Cuusoo is now Lego Ideas

Hellego! One of the big news in the Lego world this week is that Lego Cuusoo is now called Lego Ideas. The website also has a complete new design to it and new features that should interest you.

Now, do not worry about the ideas you already posted while it was still called Cuusoo. Every thing is linked to your Lego ID so when you login to your account on the new website, there should not be a change in your projects. There is also a new point system containing clutch power, prizes and rewards.

The more you participate on the website, the more you get clutch power points. If you are very active, the number will go up. If you do not visit for awhile, the number of clutch power will go down. You can also get badges that are achievements you get after crossing a new milestone. For example, you can get the Autobiographer badge when you complete your profile and the 1k Club badge when one of your projects hits 1000 supporters. You can not lose your badges. There are also prizes and awards you can get if your idea becomes a product that were already there during the "Cuusoo time". You get 1% of the total sales profit, you get 5 copies of the set when it starts selling and you get credit and bio in the set as the creator.

That covers pretty much all the new changes. I personally like the new Lego ideas site. It has a fresh design and it's relatively easy to navigate. Although to me, it will always be called Lego Cuusoo ;) What do you think of this change? Leave a comment!

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