Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Lego Store Pick A Brick Wall Purchases New York and Toronto

Hellego! With the year ending soon, I realised that I went to Lego stores this year more often than any year. For some people it may seem like nothing but for somebody who does not live by one, going to a Lego store is special every time. I recently realized that I had never published on my blog the amount of bricks I bought. This post is if you are interested to know what I got at the time, but also for my personal use so that if in the future I want to know what I got at a certain Lego store at a certain year, I can just go and check on my blog.

Here are the total Lego bricks I got at the Lego store at Rockefeller Center. I had gotten a total of two small Pick A Brick cups.

13 light green tiles
7 dark trans blue studs
20 2x2 red tiles
87 Translucent studs
81 Light grey 2x2 tiles
15 black all studded 1x1
4 grey "windows"
21 light green studs
19 dark blue cones
50 purple studs
40 translucent cheese slopes
14 dark grey 1x2 bricks
76 light grey 1x1 circle tiles
13 light blue 1x1 bricks
4 white chairs
29 beige 1x3 bricks
14 green plants
8 red flowers
4 pink flowers
4 dark green 1x1 bricks
8 dark red 1x2 bricks
10 brown 1x4 bricks
3 2x6 brown plates
84 light blue diamonds

Here is the total amount of bricks I got at the Sherway Gardens Lego store in Toronto. There I also got a total of two small Pick A Brick cups.

6 light blue 1x1 bricks
2 pink diamonds
8 1x4 white arches
27 clear red cylinder pieces
6 light green 2x3 bricks
55 red diamonds
35 transparent cheese slopes
24 purple 1x2 tiles
85 pink studs
30 green stem plants
35 white 1x2 ledge pieces
1 white window frame
2 brown stairs
4 beige 4x4 plates
30 yellow 2x2 tiles
35 brown 1x2 wood bricks
6 brown chairs
67 clear yellow 1x1 plates
7 black 1x2 bricks with clip on side
8 red flowers
8 pink flowers
8 white flowers
38 transparent 1x1 plates
14 black 1x1 bricks with studs on each side
16 clear red 1x1 plates
12 light green 1x1 bricks
5 pink 1x2 plates
6 light green 2x2 plates
8 tires
8 wheel pieces
31 joysticks
9 clear red cones
7 white steering wheels
16 brown curved window frames
26 beige 2x4 bricks
10 dark grey wheel frames
7 light grey wheel axels
4 black 2x2 wheel axels
6 black 1x4 wheel axels
8 black 1x2 "windows" - more like arched windows
1 transparent windshield
13 dark red 1x2 bricks

So there you have it. Those are all the bricks I got this year at Pick A Brick walls. What do you think? Did you get to go to a Lego store this year? Let me know in the comment section!

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