Sunday, January 6, 2013

Flickr for MOCs

Hellego! I have recently discovered the joy of Flickr for MOCs. It is a great tool to post the pictures of your creations. Many popular AFOLs who go to Lego conventions, like Brickfair, have a Flickr account to post their models.

There are many big Lego builders with amazing models but here are some of my favourites. Here is one, he is a good friend of one of my friends and his user name is sok117. He made a huge helicarrier from the Avengers! Sok also really likes posting scenes from the Batman movies that he recreates in Lego.

Another great Flickr user is Fianat. He makes a lot of awesome villages and you will see that they are really detailed. He also recreates different movie scenes and does a bunch of other creations like animals, buildings, custom minifigures and much more.

Another good one is Si-Mocs. As you can tell by the name, he does everything related to science-fiction, from spaceships to weird creatures! He is really good.

The last one that I really like, and you have probably already heard of him, is Legoboy's flickr or Solidbrixstudios. He posts lots of amazing custom minifigures.

Do not forget to check out all these users after reading this post.

Now you are probably wondering: Why is he showing me all these users? Well the answer is simple. It's to introduce you to Flickr. You see, when I first discovered it, it was because of a series Lego did on Youtube. I made a playlist of it on my Youtube channel so you can go and check it out. It is a series of four videos with interviews of AFOLs to know what it's like to be one. In the second or third video, one of them said that Flickr is great for showing off your creations, so I checked it out. When I went on the website, I didn't know where to start. That is why I'm helping you by showing you some users. Flickr is great because you can share pictures. It's a great way to show off your models and the way the website is layed out is really good because you can see different pictures of the same model at once.

I really liked Flickr and I used it to follow people I enjoyed. On the first of January, I got an email from Flickr saying that as a Christmas present, they were giving a full account for three months of a value of 6,95$. On Flickr there is a free account which is limited for some things and there is a pro account where it is unlimited. So I am going to use this gift and try it out by posting my pictures from the blog and my MOCs. Of course, if I make a new MOC, I will post it on my blog and on Flickr.

So go check out my new account! Please follow it! I really hope I helped you discover a new way of seeing amazing Lego creations. Enjoy!

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