Sunday, January 27, 2013

Lego Micro Build MOC - Lego Windmill

Hellego! Recently, I have been experimenting with micro build. Lego is making a video series on YouTube which is what got me interested in this type of build. I experimented alot and made my own MOC! A Lego micro windmill! I based my idea off a windmill in the booklet that came with the bricks and more set I got, but I modified it alot and added a bunch more detail so it's my own creation! Micro build is a very interesting type of build and there is nothing like it. You will understand why in the following pictures and the video.

Here it is!

Here is the side #1

Here is the back

Here is the side #2

Finally here is the Rotor Blade

Here is a video that shows you some more details and tricks I used to build it!

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