Monday, March 4, 2013

Lego MOC: Galactic Satellite

Hellego! I was recently in the mood for futuristic Lego and space. I also was fond about all the futuristic look clear pieces had. So I made a Galactic Satellite! A spaceship with a huge satellite on it!

First, for the opening cockpit I used a piece from a vintage spaceship and I put a few control panels inside. As you can see, on the side, I used slanted pieces to give a nicer look.

One part that was really hard to do was the connecting spot of the back with all the satellite equipment and the part with the cockpit. It took me a long time to figure out the perfect way to make it hold, while giving it a nice look. It required a lot of plate pieces.

Here is a picture with a closer look at the part that connects.

Here are some pictures of the back and the whole satellite part:

Finally, under the spaceship I put this long line of connecting reactors to give it extra power! ;)

I hope you guys like this new MOC of mine! Here is a video doing an overview of it!

Here is a quick link to my Flickr:

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