Saturday, September 7, 2013

Brick news: TogetherFarm gardening blocks

Hellego! There is a new idea in the brick world by TogetherFarm. It's to be able to build your own gardens, with building blocks!

They are not your regular size building blocks, but they are made so that you can make your garden to be any shape and size you want. TogetherFarm is an organization that helps encourage people to grow their own produce whether you are in the city or in the country. The idea came when they were thinking of a way people could have a garden, even if they didn't have a big backyard, or only had a balcony. With TogetherFarm's blocks, you can build your own garden any where you want. If you live in a condo, only have a balcony and want to have your own garden, these are perfect. You can build all around the area you want to garden and then fill it up with your dirt.

Right now, the project has a kickstarter. You can go check out more information about TogetherFarm blocks and help them out by visiting:

I encourage you to help fund this project since it is something we have never seen before and is a great idea. I'm sure lot's of people could use these special gardening blocks!

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