Saturday, September 14, 2013

My Stop Motion Awards

Hellego! Do you remember when I talked about the stop motion project that was going on at my school last year? Here are the posts you should check out if you don't remember:
So the last post I did about this was in May. After that, if you remember, I had to stop doing posts because of all the big final exams in June. Because of that, I kind of forgot to do one last update about it.

In the last weeks of my school year, there is always an evening where they give awards to students for different things during the school year. It could be because your marks went up a lot in a specific subject, preformed well, etc. I got a few awards like that. But during that evening, they also gave out awards for certain projects. So since our stop motion was the best one, me and my team got a couple of awards for it!

To start off, I got a trophy

The green shape is the logo of my school. I think it's really cool especially with the plate at the front. It says the name of the project, the subject and my program. I find it looks very nice!

I also got a medal

As you can see at the front is says the year (2013) and at the back it says the same thing as the plate on the trophy, but with my name in the center and it is engraved in the medal.

I thought it would be cool to show you guys. How many people in the Lego community can say they have stop motion awards? Not many. I am really happy because it makes my hard work pay off and it shows me that I really am good at making stop motions.

Again I am sorry for the huge gap since the last post about this but it was during the time when I couldn't do posts because of the exams and then summer came and I just totally forgot to show you guys. Anyway, I would like to know if any of you have had the opportunity to have a project at school related to Lego! Leave a comment and have a great day!

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