Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Lego Bricktober Event Is Back!

Hellego! I am very happy to announce that the Bricktober event is back!

Here is the official announcement in the Lego Club Magazine.

For some reason, I always love October. It's fall, the leaves change colour, you go pick apples, you take walks in the forest and there is also always a lot going on in the Lego world. It just seems to be a very Lego related month. Plus, there is Halloween. This annual Lego event started in 2009 and has been going on ever since. This is a Lego event exclusive to Toys R Us. To celebrate Bricktober this year, Lego is offering two different activities.

  1. Minifigure Trade-In This event will be going on all day, Saturday, October 19th. Go to Toys R Us with any minifigure of your collection and look for a Lego worker with Lego minifigures. Go up to him and ask to trade with any of the minifigures he has. How cool is that?
  2. Make N' Take Yes it's back! They had this event last year which I absolutely loved! The Make N' Take event consists of building a model and keeping it. Go to your local Toys R Us Saturday, October 26th from 11:00am to 1:00 pm and go build an exclusive model! This year is the Superman S-Shield. You build the model there, and you get to take it home with you for free! You can go check out the "report" I did about last year's Make N' Take event here:
I am really excited for Bricktober this year as it is always a very fun annual event. A few years ago, each week in October you got an exclusive vintage minifigure. You can go check mine out here:  My favourite event this year would have to be the Make N' Take. I just think it's so cool that you get to build your model there and get to keep it. It's free Lego and plus the models are always cool. Check out the model I built last year: 
The whole ambiance of the Lego fans there is always great. Last year, there was even a choice of three different models you could build! I don't really go to the Minifigure Trade-In because to be honest, I just like my minifigures to much to trade them. Although I do know some people that go and love it.

I will probably be going to the Make N' Take event and like last year, I will be documenting it. Are you going to be going to any of the events? If yes which ones? Leave a comment!

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