Sunday, September 1, 2013

The total bricks I got from the Pick A Brick wall

Hellego! A couple weeks ago, I made a post about my trip to the Lego store at Sherway Gardens mall. Well, after a long time taken organizing, searching names of certain bricks and counting, I finally have the full list of bricks I got. Now remember, all the bricks were in two small Pick A Brick cups.

All the bricks organized by type and colour
3 1x6 white panels
2 4x6 yellow plates
3 4x6 black plates
10 2x2  light grey 45degree slope
7 dark grey crates
10 1x8 red tiles
6 2x4 orange bricks
4 1x4 orange bricks
10 2x3 purple plates
4 2x4 brown bricks
6 1x4 brown bricks
10 2x4 brown plates
8 white flowerheads
8 red flowerheads
2 yellow flowers
2 red flowers
15 green stalks
5 2x4 green bricks
6 2x3 green bricks
19 1x2 brown plates
15 1x4 brown tiles
5 2x4 beige bricks
15 1x4 beige plates
43 2x2 dark beige tiles
18 2x2 yellow tiles
5 2x2 green bricks
5 2x1 green 45 degree slope
2 2x4 light green bricks
15 1x1 dark green bricks
2 1x4 yellow plates
5 2x4 black bricks
5 2x4 black 45 degree slope
17 1x2 black grille bricks
36 1x1 clear green plates
4 1x2 light green plates
5 2x4 light blue bricks
3 2x2 light blue bricks
9 2x4 light grey bricks
4 2x4 light grey 45 degree slope
4 2x6 light grey bricks
6 1x2 light grey plate with braced handle
12 black 4-brick-high basic antenna
3 black technic hook connectors
2 1x4 blue plates
6 red seats
44 1x1 orange cylinder plates
33 1x1 orange clear cheese slopes
53 1x1 red clear tiles
5 1x2 dark grey vertical shaft
7 grey and black mini antenna
7 control panel tiles
1 1x1 dark grey tile

By reading this, you may have noticed that I got more smaller pieces that bigger ones. I did this because they take up less space and that way, I could get more pieces for my money. I also took more bricks that I don't have or hardly have any of in my collection. There are some bricks that a picked that I would like to talk about.

First off, the 2x2 dark beige tiles. I took a lot of this piece (43) because I didn't have any. When I looked at MOCs on Flickr, I noticed that a lot of people use this brick and it makes the model look so much better. I knew that it was a must have brick. Since it was not too big of a piece, I took a lot of it especially since I would need a lot to make a floor out of it.

I also took the same piece but in yellow since they had it. I took less though (18).

Next, another brick I had almost none of was the 1x2 black grille bricks. I took 17 of this brick and again, I saw in creations on Flickr that some people used this brick for a lot of things. Example, to add a design in a wall. It's just a really nice brick that I don't have much of.

Now I am really happy to have taken a good amount (15) of green stalks. I had none and I have been wanting some so bad. I would see in battle/Star Wars creations this piece used and I found it look great in a creation that goes on outside. I also picked up some flowerheads to put on it.

I also took bricks that came in colours that I didn't have and were harder to get.

As you probable noticed, I took a lot of the smaller pieces. I already had a few, but not a lot. So I took huge amount, especially since they took up practically no space in the Pick A Brick buckets.

I picked up 7 of this control panel piece. I already had other types of control panels but none like this one. It can be really useful for creations so I took a few.

I also picked out 7 grey and black mini antennas. I already had this piece but I need more of it since it's useful for vehicles, space ships, etc.

The last piece I would like to highlight is these crates. I only had a couple and they can be great to add detail in or outside a building. So I picked up 7.

At the end, when I was done filling up my two buckets, I was amazed by how many bricks I was able to put in. I took two small buckets instead of one large one because two small, one top of another, comes out as the same height as the large. Also, I noticed at the bottom of the large bucket, the sides start to go inwards so you have less space to put pieces, so it was just better to take two. Plus, since I had two, it meant I had two buckets to keep and it can help me organize my pieces.

I was also happy to have two because since I don't have a Lego store where I live, it's impossible for me to have any without going far away. I would have to say that this Lego store is probably the closest and it's about an 8h drive from my house.

So those are all the bricks I got. You can always click the pictures to enlarge them and see the pieces layed out better. I wanted to make a post to show you guys the bricks I picked out and explain why. Feel free to comment your thoughts and happy building!

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